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Your kitchen should be more than a workspace. It should reflect your personality and taste, and it should support your lifestyle. Many of our customers have ideas of what they want to achieve: they want a kitchen that facilitates their fast-paced lifestyle, an open space so they’re not isolated from the family while preparing meals, or an inviting spot where kids can do homework and neighbors can drop in for coffee. But how do you create the mood you want and make your kitchen perform the way you need it to? At Cabinetville, we understand your concerns and aspirations. Our experienced dealers have been helping customers remodel their kitchens for decades. If you have a clear concept in mind, we can suggest the right cabinetry, and let you see it up close in our Showroom-on-Wheels. If you only have a basic notion of what you want to do, we can guide you through the process, so you find the right products for a perfect remodel.

Choosing design elements that set the right mood

The kitchen may be a shared space for the family, but it’s very personal for the homemaker, so design generally reflects the homemaker’s personality. Are you an old-fashioned homebody, a multitasking, early adopter of new technology, a little of both, or somewhere in between? We can help with design schemes that ranging from traditional to ultramodern. You might also consider the mood you want to create in your kitchen. How do you want to feel when you’re there? What do you want guests to notice, and how do you want them to feel? Whatever the answer, there are several elements to consider:

  • Openness — Do you want your kitchen to be a sanctuary or a control tower? In other words, do you want to create a separate space where you can work undisturbed and have cozy one-on-ones with family and friends, or do you want the kitchen more integrated with the dining room and living spaces, so you can be more engaged with family and guests while you prepare meals? We can examine your floor plan and discuss your options.
  • Light — How bright do you want the kitchen to be? Do you want indirect light? How much control do you want over the levels of light to set the mood in your kitchen? We can explain various tasteful options, such as recessed lighting, wall and ceiling fixtures, pendants, rail lighting and dimmer switches.
  • Color pallet — What is the dominant color you want setting the mood in your kitchen? What are the secondary and tertiary colors you’d like? We can show you a range of color palettes, so you can choose one that fits your taste.
  • Cabinet door style — Perhaps nothing says more about the style of your kitchen than the design of your cabinet doors. We carry a range of styles from traditional to ultramodern. Recessed panels, raised panels, molding options, slab doors, framed and frameless panels are some of the options available to you.
  • Island or no? — A kitchen island provides an additional workspace and storage area. In an open design, an island can take the place of a wall, giving anyone working in the kitchen a view into an adjacent room. The island can also perform as a lunch counter and a bar. In a closed kitchen, the island acts as a workspace, breakfast nook, and space for an intimate coffee klatch. The footprint of your kitchen generally dictates whether an island is appropriate and what the dimensions of that island could be.
  • Eat in or carry out — Here again, the size of your kitchen matters. But even if your kitchen’s dimensions are sufficient to include a table your whole family can sit comfortably around, you might opt to use that space differently.

Often, all it takes to transform a kitchen is a “rip and replace” remodel, where you discard your old cabinets and install a new set. If that’s what you’re thinking about, Cabinetville is ready to come to you, in our Showroom-on-Wheels, so you can see the wide range of pre-assembled cabinets you can install quickly and easily. If your remodel is more extensive, we can also provide a construction estimate through our close association with NJS Construction.

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Cabinetville provides a wide range of beautiful, high quality cabinets to transform your kitchen. But if you want a complete redesign your kitchen, we can also provide a construction estimate through our relationship with NJS Construction. To get your remodel started, call Cabinetville today at 973-908-7024 or contact us online to arrange an appointment. We come to you at your convenience anywhere in New Jersey.