Cabinetville Lets You Choose from a Wide Range of Kitchen Cabinet Styles

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Kitchen cabinets are a way of expressing your personal taste dynamically in a room which is a focal point of your home. Because cabinets are such a prominent feature of the kitchen, many homeowners choose to let their cabinetry to set the tone for the room and then select fixtures, flooring, wall paper, wall hangings and other accent pieces to complete the picture. Or, if you are doing a limited remodel, you want to choose cabinets that complement the pieces you are keeping in place. You can choose cabinets that fit snugly within the larger decorative theme you’ve established for your home or be a little daring and make your kitchen a point of departure, highlighting your eclectic taste. But, however you choose to remodel your kitchen, Cabinetville helps to create the look you want with quality cabinetry that will last for years to come.

Understanding style elements in kitchen cabinetry

Cabinets have a number of elements — size, color, wood grain, surface finish, and design — which create different effects when used in different combinations. When certain elements are used regularly in combination, they evoke a particular style, and within each style there is room for variations according to personal taste.

Common styles of kitchen cabinetry include:

  • Traditional — This look generally consists of framed cabinets with visible hinges and intricate woodwork, which evokes a sense of traditional craftsmanship. Cabinets are usually stained so the grain of the wood shows prominently. The finish tends toward darker shades of brown, though warmer tones are not unusual.
  • Modern — Often called understated or minimalist, this contemporary style often consists of frameless cabinets with smooth surfaces, lacking in ornamentation. Hinges are often hidden.
  • Transitional — Somewhere between traditional and modern, this style is clean and elegant style subtly employs elements of each. Balanced and versatile, this style works in virtually any type of kitchen.
  • Shaker — Based on the hand-crafted construction of the 19th century Shakers, this door style (in framed or frameless cabinets) features a rectangular outer frame and recessed panel. The look is stolid and timeless.
  • Country — This inviting and welcoming look features traditional elements with a lighter touch, creating an air of homey Americana Norman Rockwell would envy.

Perhaps more than any other element, color sets the tone in the kitchen. Darker cabinets create an ambiance of intimacy and connectedness, while bright, white cabinets are expansive and carefree. When choosing a color tone, it’s important to consider the dimensions of your kitchen. In smaller spaces, darker colors can be ponderous, though in more open kitchens, whites might seem too airy.

But whatever feeling you want your kitchen to evoke, you’re sure to find the perfect combination of style elements in Cabinetville’s extensive line of pre-assembled cabinetry. For an accomplished Do-It-Yourselfer, installation is quick and easy. But, if you prefer, we can arrange installation through our partnership with NJS Construction, LLC.

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