Cabinetville Supplies a Variety of Stylish Framed Cabinets in NJ

Traditional look adds elegance to your kitchen

Framed cabinets lend an air of charm and gentility to any kitchen. The traditional look suggests early American craftsmanship and timeless beauty. Cabinetville offers a wide assortment of pre-assembled, semi-custom, and custom framed cabinets for homeowners who want to give their kitchen rich, homey feel. All of our cabinets come from reputable manufacturers and are built with the finest materials for lasting beauty and functionality, even with heavy use. When you schedule a visit from our Showroom-on-wheels, you can carefully inspect our line of framed cabinets before deciding which particular style suits your kitchen best. Our framed cabinets are pre-assembled and delivered to you ready to install, so you can begin enjoying your new kitchen almost immediately.

What is a framed cabinet?

Imagine a picture frame with a door on it just slightly larger than the photograph. That’s what the front of a framed cabinet looks like. The cabinet door attaches to the frame with external hinges. When you open the door, the items in the cabinet look pretty much like framed photograph. The frame, generally 1.5 inches wide, is not usually flush with the ¾ inch width of the cabinet body. Rather, it extends over either side of the cabinet wall, creating a bit of a lip on the inside of the cabinet, which you must negotiate when removing larger objects.

A row of framed cabinets makes an attractive display, as the frames align to form what appears as a solid unit, and the cabinet doors are spaced regularly apart.

Advantages to choosing framed cabinetry for your kitchen

With a framed cabinet, the door is fastened to the frame, rather than directly to the cabinet body. This provides additional strength and sturdiness. Cabinet frames are generally around 1.5” in width, but can vary according to style. Doors also vary from full overlay to partial overlay, changing the appearance of the cabinet. Door hinges can be visible and ornate, adding an additional flourish to the design. Therefore, there is a wider range of design options than you get with frameless cabinets, where the door is the only visible element.

However, framed cabinets are just as easy to install. We deliver your cabinets assembled and ready to put up. DIYers of moderate skill can have their kitchen looking brand new in virtually no time. But, if you think the job is a little past your skill level, we can manage that task as well, through our partnership with NJS Construction, LLC.

To find the perfect framed cabinets for your kitchen, contact Cabinetville today

To start enjoying your new kitchen as soon as possible, schedule a visit from our Cabinetville Showroom-on-Wheels. You’ll be able to see up close the wide variety of framed cabinets available to you. We are local to Morris County, Essex County, Union County, Bergen County, Somerset County and Hunterdon County.  Call Cabinetville today at 973-908-7024 or contact us online to arrange an appointment at your convenience anywhere in New Jersey.