Cabinet Installation Tips

A brief How-to guide for installing your new kitchen cabinets

At Cabinetville, we want to make it as quick, easy and cost-effective as possible to transform your kitchen.  We provide a wide range of pre-assembled cabinets from reputable manufacturers like UltraCraft and Adornus, so you can perform a hassle-free “rip and replace” of your existing cabinets, completing the job in short order. If you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer with moderate experience, you should feel confident tackling the installation. But, if you should find you’re in over your head, there’s no reason to panic. Cabinetvile can help you with reliable installation services throughout our association with NJS Construction.

Effective pointers for installing your new cabinets

UltraCraft wants to make sure you get the most enjoyment possible out of your new cabinets with the minimum of stress. So, the company publishes a list of installation tips. We’ve condensed those into a short checklist.

  • You must install the cabinet boxes without the shelves inside or the doors attached
  • Remove the shelves and doors, numbering them with a sticky note or piece of blue painter’s tape for easy replacement. (Write the note and then place it on the part, rather than pressing on the part to write, which could leave an imprint.)
  • Place the shelves and doors on something soft to prevent scratching
  • Screw several boxes together at a time then attach the whole set to the wall
  • Use at least two hand-squeeze clamps to hold the boxes in place while screwing them together. Attempting to screw boxes together without clamps can be very frustrating.
  • Never use nails to install cabinet boxes to your walls; they will pull out over time
  • Use shims when necessary next to the walls; forcing the cabinets to lie flush against the wall without shims will pull cabinets out of square
  • With corner bases, use the adjusting foot before screwing the cabinet to the wall; you’ll find to nearly impossible to adjust afterwards.
  • If you are installing thermofoil doors, you must install the heat shields properly or void the warranty against heat damage; follow the diagram carefully.
  • Adjust roll out trays before installing counter tops.
  • Loosen tilt tray screws before installing counter tops.
  • Since tilt trays are removable for cleaning (and are dishwasher safe), you should not install any decorative hardware through them.
  • If you’re going to be loading heavy platters, cookware or service ware into your cabinets, use additional screws to install. The whole cabinet back is a hanging rail.

Your new cabinets come with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for installation. So, you can get the satisfaction of having built your new kitchen yourself without undue stress and frustration. But, if you’d like to pass on the labor entirely, Cabinetville offers installation services through our association with NJS Construction. Either way, your kitchen remodel can be accomplished quickly and at a price you can readily afford.

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