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Extensive collection provides a wide variety of design options

Whether you choose framed or frameless cabinets, the cabinet door is still the most prominent feature. The style of the door, the type of wood and the choice of finish, all contribute to the visual impact of your kitchen. At Cabinetville, we provide cabinetry with quality hardwood doors in various styles with options for varnish, paint, hinges, knobs and handles. We can help you select the right combination of style elements to give your cabinet doors the precise appearance you’re looking for. Plus, our hardwood cabinet doors are scratch resistant, stain resistant, fade resistant, and durable enough to stand up to heavy use. So, you can be confident the cabinets you choose will keep their good looks and function efficiently for years to come.

Panel options for cabinet doors

Cabinet door design falls into three basic categories:

  • Flat panels — As the name suggests, this door has a smooth, flat surface. It’s a streamlined, highly functional, contemporary look.
  • Recessed panels — Also called Shaker or Mission style, these doors feature a flat, rectangular frame around the edge of the door with a flat, sunken surface interior to the frame. The rectangular frame can have molding along its interior edge connecting to the recessed panel, but often goes without molding, creating a more rustic appearance.
  • Raised panels — If you start with a recessed panel door, but fit a slightly elevated rectangle inside the frame, you’d have one type of raised panel door. This type often has molding on the interior edge of the frame as well as the exterior of the raised rectangle. It’s also possible to have a less ornamental type of raised panel door without the Shaker style frame. In that case, you’d simply have a raised panel, either with molding or a rounded edge, in the center of the door.

Another prominent feature of the door is the species of wood used in its construction. The pattern and prominence of the wood grain depends on the species. Our pre-assembled cabinet doors are all solid hardwood, such as:

  • Alder — This wood presents a straight grain with even texture. The rich brown tone of the grain shows attractively when stained, but since the texture is smooth, this wood also shows well when painted. It is an economical alternative to Cherry.
  • Cherry — Cherry wood also presents a straight grain with a rich, reddish tone. Harder and stronger than Alder, it can stand up to greater punishment. Although Cherry can be sanded to a smooth-as-glass surface perfect for painting, it shows too beautifully when stained for painting to be an option.
  • Maple — This species comes in “hard,” which is a stain-grade wood with a finely textured light grain, and “soft,” which is better suited to painting due to color variations throughout.
  • Oak — This heavy and strong wood comes in “red” and the heavier and harder “white.” Red Oak has a coarse texture, but sands well and finishes beautifully. White Oak comes in very light tones or a darker brown heartwood and has a straight grain with medium to coarse texture. Oak is more often stained, since its prominent grain often shows through paint.

Many factors — the look of the grain, the texture of the wood, durability, and whether you desire wood stain or paint — must be considered when choosing the type of wood for your kitchen cabinets. Cabinetville has an extensive line of pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, so you are sure to find something that fits your needs and your taste.

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