Cabinetville Offers Frameless Kitchen Cabinets to Enhance Your Home

Imagine a new European-style kitchen for less time and expense than you can imagine

Cabinetville provides a huge selection of pre-assembled, semi-custom and custom cabinets for your kitchen. Because our showroom comes to you, you can see and touch samples before choosing the style and color that most appeals to you. Among our offerings are European-style, frameless cabinets that can give your kitchen a clean, contemporary look with added functionality.

Modern styling, utilitarian design makes for an attractive, functional kitchen

If you are shopping for cabinets for your new kitchen, you may have questions on the different style and construction options available for you. One major division in cabinetry is between so-called framed and frameless cabinets. The difference between the two is reflected in the look and the functionality of the cabinets.

First, let’s talk about the appearance, which is in the European style. If you removed the door from a framed cabinet, you would see what looks like a picture frame. If you removed the door from a frameless cabinet, you would see directly into the body of the cabinet. That’s because the hinge is attached directly to the cabinet box, not to an external frame. When the door is attached and closed, the door is pretty much all you see, along with an external hinge. The face of the door covers the cabinet almost in its entirety.

A row of frameless cabinets has the appearance of panels set flush against each other with very little space between, generally only a 1/8” reveal for the hinge. Overall, it is a cleaner, more contemporary look, regardless of your choice of door style.

As for functionality, the frameless cabinet is also called a full access cabinet. Because there’s no frame surrounding the cabinet box, there’s an extra half an inch of room on all sides. This makes it easier to store and remove large platters and other objects from the cabinet.

Wide range of frameless cabinet styles available

Cabinetville stocks the highest quality frameless cabinets from reputable manufacturers. Our cabinet faces are solid wood, such as alder and maple, with a range of attractive finishes that are scratch resistant, heat resistant, and fade resistant. Our manufacturers take prudent steps to ensure varnishes and paint are environmentally friendly. Cabinet bodies are constructed from durable 3/4” plywood with wood finish, so they are built to last for as long as you want them.

Our frameless cabinets are pre-assembled and come to you ready to install. If you have moderate skill as a Do-It-Yourselfer, you can install your new cabinets in almost no time at all. However, if the job exceeds your skill level, our partnership with NJS Contractors can ensure you get a timely, cost-effective installation.

For a wide assortment of attractive and functional frameless kitchen cabinets, contact Cabinetville today

To start enjoying your new kitchen as soon as possible, schedule a visit from our Cabinetville Showroom-on-Wheels. You’ll be able to see up close the wide variety of frameless cabinets available to you. Call Cabinetville today at 973-908-7024 or contact us online to arrange an appointment at your convenience anywhere in New Jersey.